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ICLE Spring Seminar
Join the AutoHarvest Workshop entitled "Automotive Technology in the Age of Open Innovation and Collaboration."

This interactive panel will discuss increasing innovation in the global marketplace through collaboration across disparate sectors. See how open innovation systems work in the context of the IP program at Ford Global Technologies. Witness live demonstrations of powerful business intelligence and collaboration software emerging from AutoHarvest and ktMINE. Get your questions answered about how this technology can enhance your practice and increase your clients' competitive edge and success.

Witness the power of automotive technology to make open innovation and collaboration work for your clients. Get expert insight on recent caselaw, hot topics, and developments at the USPTO. Network with your IP colleagues, seasoned practitioners, and USPTO officials.

March 24, 2014 / Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

SAE 2014 World Congress
The SAE 2014 World Congress assembles the best talent in the automotive industry; experts, management teams, engineers, and executives alike gather to collaborate and address current challenges, celebrate evolution and achievement over the last 100+ years, and promote the multitude of opportunities fundamental for a successful future.

April 8-18, 2014 / Cobo Center, Detroit

Energy Mobility 2014
This multi-track event will guide you from technology innovation and materials discovery through device packaging and integration to manufacturing and application in a mobile power marketplace by exploring the emerging issues underlining this pivotal time in the energy conversion and storage industry.

April 28-30, 2014 / San Diego, CA

Energy Mobility 2014
The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) is once again hosting the most important electric drive event of the year! Get a hands-on experience with the latest vehicles, learn about groundbreaking technologies, meet with top industry leaders from across the supply chain, and discover innovative solutions for your transportation needs. See you in Indy! #EDTA2014

May 19-21, 2014 / Indianapolis, IN

2013 Big M Event
AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at the Big M Manufacturing Convergence.

THE BIG M is an unprecedented event to celebrate manufacturing. Together, leveraging the collective power of an industry, we can find solutions to manufacturing's most complex issues and technical challenges

June 9-12, 2014 / Cobo Center, Detroit

IPBC 2014 Amsterdam
The IP Business Congress Global (IPBC Global) returns to Europe at a time when far-reaching reforms of the patent system could herald major changes in the continent's IP marketplace. The introduction of the unitary EU patent and the Unified Patent Court will see the emergence of a single European patent jurisdiction with a population of over 500 million, including three G8 countries.

June 22-24, 2014, 2014 / Okura Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

ITS World Congress
Join us next September at Detroit's newly refurbished Cobo Hall, more than 10,000 of the world's leading transportation policymakers, researchers, high-tech innovators, and business professionals from the United States, Europe and Asia will gather to share the latest intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications from around the globe.

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is proud to host the 2014 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, September 7-11, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan in partnership with ERTICO and ITS Asia-Pacific.

September 7-11, 2014 / Cobo Center, Detroit

The Battery Show
The Battery Show 2014 is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology. The exhibition hall offers a platform to launch new products, make new contacts and maintain existing relationships. The Conference offers considerably expanded programming, with multiple tracks providing comprehensive insights across business, technical and R&D issues. With more qualified buyers and decision makers than any other event in North America, The Battery Show 2014 is the key to unlocking your future business opportunities.

The Battery Show 2014 will be co-locating with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Conference, the premier showcase for electric and hybrid vehicle technology and innovation.

September 16-18, 2014 / Detroit, Novi, MI


中美两大知识产权生态系统——汇桔网(WTOIP)和AH结成战略联盟 2015年3月伊始,全球领先的知识产权交易与产业升级平台汇桔网宣布,已正式与位于美国底特律的AutoHarvest创新中心达成战略合作,双方将充分发挥各自领域资源 、产业、区位、资金、人才等多元优势,促进知识产权在国际领域内的发展与运用,积极为双边企业、机构搭建展示交流与沟通合作平台,为推动科技商业化发展提供综合性解决方案。

双边发展带来的合作契机 美国底特律作为世界著名的汽车城,拥有相当规模的运输业和先进制造业,以及大量的知识产权和高端人才。AH就是由汽车及制造行业最受尊敬的人士领导的非盈利组织,致力于帮助相关行业的创新者交换信息、促进技术讨论、鼓励创业活动的增长。 .

Download the complete Press Release click here

Omnia Group and AutoHarvest Collaborate to Expand Intellectual Property Marketplace for Advanced Manufacturing

Global translation expert Omnia Group provides pro bono expertise to bridge language barriers for advanced manufacturing e-collaboration marketplace. The public facing website for intellectual property is now in five languages: Chinese, English, French, German and Italian.

The two organizations expanded access to millions in their native language to the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace for advanced manufacturing intellectual property. Within the AutoHarvest ecosystem, innovators and commercializers have a direct line of sight to intellectual property opportunities to buy/sell/license and collaborate from a multitude of large and small organizations across the full spectrum of advanced manufacturing.

Download the complete Press Release click here

Motor City Innovation Exchange Launched

The Motor City Innovation Exchange is a collaborative effort between Ford Motor Company, TechShop, TechTown, and the AutoHarvest Foundation. Never before has there been so much emphasis on external innovation from automotive OEMs. Ford thrusted this idea forward last month following the successful Grand Opening of TechShop, located in a Ford Land building, situated in the same park where Startup Suites are now being leased to entrepreneurs at discounted rates.

Download the complete Press Release click here

Bill Ford Jr. talks about the Motor City Innovation Exchange at the 2012 Mackinac Policy Conference watch here

ktMINE® and AutoHarvest Partner to Foster Innovation

The AutoHarvest Foundation and ktMINE have agreed to a partnership that will give access to additional databases to provide market knowledge that will accelerate intellectual property transactions. AutoHarvest members will receive an exclusive discount when you click on ktMINE's featured partner link found in the AutoHarvest beta system (you must first join AutoHarvest to receive this discount).

Download the complete Press Release click here

AutoHarvest announces Thomas Anderson elected to Board of Directors

AutoHarvest Foundation, a newly organized e-collaboration marketplace for intellectual property in the area of advanced manufacturing, is delighted to announce that Automation Alley Senior Director and Director of Entrepreneurism Thomas Anderson, Ph.D., was elected to serve on its board of directors. Read the full announcement. Download Article Here

AutoHarvest, DHS and TARDEC Sign Technology Innovation Information Collaboration Agreement

Detroit - (April 18, 2012) The AutoHarvest Foundation announces that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Department of Defense, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).

AutoHarvest, DHS S&T and TARDEC have identified a framework for partnership to promote the adaptation of automotive-related technological innovation for use at the Federal, State and local levels. This framework provides for more efficient communication of publicly available requirements, capability gaps, technology and information to the private sector...more

Download the complete press release click here

Detroit Regional Innovation Network

AutoHarvest's leadership in driving innovation throughout the global automotive industry is being supercharged with its recently awarded New Economy Initiative (NEI) grant. Read more about the NEI's Detroit Regional Innovation Network, the recently launched 10-year program to boost high-tech development and job creation in Southeast Michigan in this front page Crain's Detroit Business article. Download Article Here

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Report to the President on Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing

2011年12月21日,晚上12:41,由Aneesh Chopra所寫 2011年7月11日AutoHarvest基金會被特許作為一個關鍵的參與者,隨著美國首席技術官,Aneesh喬普拉先生在由福特汽車公司贊助的新的創新中心,位於Allen Park,密歇根州的市政廳會議。本次活動,是被報告在Chopra先生的白宮博客上,出席會議的100多個行業、政府、學術研究和發展相關的專業人士,他們討論了如何在密歇根州推動先進製造業的復甦,並提出了一些在密歇根州東南部新的,強而有力的舉措。想了解更多… Read more about the event




大學和政府機構,如能源和國防部門,以及傳統和非傳統供應鏈上的企業,可能有這種所需的技術,但大部分是被封鎖且目前未能有效共享利益予相關者之間的。 AutoHarvest持有得以解開這個寶貴知識和研究成果的鑰匙,透過其安全平台,AutoHarvest致力於共享知識產權、促進連接,並鼓勵供應商、製造商、技術供應商和其他個人和組織之間的合作。


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